Picture Framing

Custom Framing By Connor Maguire

Connor is a professional picture framer who can construct almost any frame that he is tasked with. He works with the best framing equipment and machinery in the industry. He calibrates and services everything himself guaranteeing the finest and best results. 



The famous Morso guillotine is the finest cutting machine in the world used by professional framers. The Keencut Excaliber 5000 is used for all mount, glass and backboard cutting. The window mounts are cut with the Keencut Ultimate Futura 1000 giving a precise insision on the board  guaranteeing a sharp clean finish.


Morso Guillotine
Keencut Excaliber 5000
keencut, mountcutter, futura,
Keencut Futura Mountcutter

Get in touch for any framing requests

If you have any questions regarding a framing request, then please get in touch. Connor works through a collection and drop off service. He carries a portable moulding portolio which shows samples of popular picture frames. There is no specific minimum order. Requests can be made regardless of scale or size. Have a look at the gallery below showing some of the work that Connor produces to give you an idea of the expected finish.