Still life Paintings - Artefacts of a Pandemic

Connor received support from the Arts Council NI & the Freelands Foundation regarding the global pandemic of Covid 19. For the support received he had to produce a number of works that reflected the subject of the application. He chose to produce a number of paintings that are focused on things that we take for granted from products we use in everyday life. More importantly these pieces are inspired from peoples reactions to the global pandemic.


The exhibition was based on observations of peoples behaviour throughout the pandemic. All the products chosen have a certain significance regarding our behaviour patterns influencing eating/drinking and health/hygiene habits during this time. He sought out certain products due to the colour and text so the items painted were not just random paintings of daily household items but chosen for their significance and how we relate to them during the pandemic at the time.


Some objects acclaimed notoriety like the most common and undesirable item being the toilet roll, where stocks of these products have vanished throughout the globe. Hilarious but at the same time but disturbing seeing people’s first instincts reacting with panic and greed.


People were bringing more elements of their outdoor life indoors. Working from home has become a major change of lifestyle which increased sales in technology and software. Hygiene items like bleach, sanitizer and other cleansing products have all increased in sale again showing our concerns for keeping safe which questions each others sense of mortality. Connor started this project near the beginning of the pandemic so hopefully the paintings strike a chord with you.


All the paintings were painted from life in his studio in oil on linen. In his own words,” Although I consider myself to be more of a figurative painter rather than work with still life objects I wasn’t entirely convinced that this was the right path for a project but once started I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it learning new skills in the form of observation and developing my painting skills.”


An Exhibition of the work was to take place in the Chimera Gallery, Mullingar, Ireland on the 26th March 2021. However due to the Pandemic closures and restrictions where still in place, the exhibition took place a year later in the ArtisAnn Gallery in Belfast. 


More information can be found in the Art Blog.