Sleepwalker Painting

Sleepwalker-Grand Designs House Of The Year

I plan on painting this piece with a small challenging and limited palette of 4 colours consisting of Cadmium Red, Yellow Ochre, Ivory Black and White. All the flesh tones and colour will be comprised of these 4 colours only.


 After blocking in the main painting using charcoal and pencil I have began painting. Only foundation colours showing at the moment and lots and lots to do yet.Canvas size is 50cm x 50cm

Progress starting to take place and still painting in the groundwork for the hair.Highlights and glazing to be added.
Cross hatching building up flesh tones using 0 size brushes which cant really be seen as you would up close in regards of detail but seems to be working when a viewer looks at the painting from afar, the painting actually looks blended.Will update as this pieces progresses.


Finally finished with only a slight over glaze in the background to finish and varnish.I never know when to put the brushes down so once more forcing myself to leave this one alone at this stage. Some detail shots below.

Close up shot of painting

Close up photos of Sleepwalker painting.

This painting along with my other piece entitled “Surfer” was featured on Channel 4’s television programme “Grand designs” in the House of the Year Awards 2013 which was hosted by Presenter Kevin McCloud. They both hang on the walls in one of Northern Irelands most contemporary homes in Holywood, Belfast. You can check out some of the pictures below from the programme itself.

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