Boy and his Dog

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Boy, dog, border, collie, connor, maguire, oil_painting, linen, realism, surrealism, tyrella_beach, Co.down, Ireland,

“Boy and his Dog”

Oil on Linen

150cm x 70cm


This is a painting completed of my youngest son and his dog “Buddy”. 

This is another one of those paintings where I find inspiration from my kids, family, the things and my favourite places.


Workshop, painting, boy, dog, border, collie, connor, maguire, amanda black, bbc_producer, Blue Lights Season 2

The shape of the painting was something that I have had in mind for years possibly. The idea of the shape of the painting was mainly to focus on the subjects within it. Rather than fill space in the background like a traditional one being square or rectangular, the idea was to draw the viewer into the painting. There were three subjects in the painting. The boy, his dog and my love for Tyrella beach in Co.Down, N.Ireland. He is dressed in a traditional fisherman Souwester and trenchcoat. 


For this reason it symbolises a connection for the love of this coastline where he has spent many times there with his dog as have I. If anything this painting is more of a self portrait also. I am at the beach almost daily, being in the water or walking the dog where I am at my happiest.


I have sketchbooks where I make small scribbles to make a rough idea of what I have in mind. That scribble can sit in that book for many years but I always come back to it. Something always triggers a memory. Up until now this is the theme that suited the painting I had in mind. 

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The upside down T-Shape canvas was made from stretcher bars. I custom sized up the linen where I prepare a mix of warm rabbit skin glue and give it 2 coats. I prefer to paint on a fine linen. Once the linen is sized I prime it. I usually do this 2-3 times with a light sanding in between. I stretch the raw linen on a wall before I attach it to the stretcher bars. Otherwise I have found in the past that it can bend, warp or lose its tightness during and after preperation. Once the painting is complete it is varnished with two layers of satin and I custom frame it myself in a float frame.


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Some exciting news for this painting also however. The painting has been sold but will also feature in season 2 of a TV series based on Northern Ireland called, “Blue Lights”. Season 2 is being produced by Amanda Black and the first series was a phenomenal hit so make sure to watch season 1 and look out for the painting, “Boy and his dog” in the back drops of season 2.


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