Down Arts Centre Exhibition

Drawings & Woodcuts exhibition

My exhibition entitled “Drawings & Woodcuts” is on display from the 14th May up until the 30th May 2015 in the DOWN ARTS CENTRE, Downpatrick, Co.Down,N.Ireland. I am showing 30 pieces of work which consist of a mixture of woodcuts and Drawings. All work is framed entirely by myself and the work was hung by “James” the inhouse Art technician who did a fantastic job.

I am really enjoying rediscovering the simplistic principles of art using pencil and paper. Two basic instruments, but if used correctly they can produce works much more powerful than that of any painting.All pictures hanging throughout this exhibition were crafted and constructed by myself.The images are all completed on Ingres Paper 25CM X 35CM

Excellent space in the Down Arts Centre and putting that to good use. Great lighting and thats only one corner filled with the drawings.

A beautiful venue and a hidden gem in regards of exhibition space which is the Down Arts Centre. Making good use of this excellent wall area, you can see how the wonderful interior and architecture compliments the work on display making it a fantastic contemporary space.

As well as drawings, woodcuts are also on display. The woodcuts are originally carved in birch. The image is carved in reverse and placed on an etching press where it is then inked up and put through the press using a fine art printmaking paper.Depending on the quality I then produce a series of prints which are then signed with an edition number.

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