Royal Hibernian Academy Dublin

Georgie Sideshow Ramone RHA

Proud to announce my painting entitled “Georgie sideshow Ramone” was accepted for the Royal Hibernian Academy annual exhibition this year which opens March 2016. The RHA is Irelands finest and largest exhibition to take place annually with over 3000 works submitted so I feel very fortunate, honoured and overwhelmed to be exhibiting amongst some of Irelands finest. This piece was painted on a hand crafted wooden box panel using birch wood. It measures 25cm x 30cm and painted using oils.


Showing some of the different stages throughout the painting process of “Georgie”. As you can see it begins with a rough block in and again painted using only 4 colours otherwise known as the zorn palette. However I did use Pthalo blue in certain aspects of this painting. Due to the colourful nature of this character I had to make the use of colour outside the zorn palette which works well making use of contrasting colours.


This is the final piece framed in a handcrafted wooden moulding. I thought I would use a simple open tray or float frame for this particular piece. Overall size of this piece is 35cm x 30cm inclusive of frame where the painting alone measures only 25cm x 30cm. Looking forward to attending varnishing day at the Royal Hibernian Academy on the 20th March 2016.


Check out the review of the Royal Hibernian Academy Exhibition by Art Critic Cristin Leách in “THE SUNDAY TIMES” where I got mentioned as being one of the top 6 paintings that stood out being one of the most eye catching in the show amongst others. Thanks Cristin.

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