Office Worker accepted into the RUA 2016

Office Worker on display at the Royal Ulster Academy, Ulster Museum, Belfast 2016

This is a new painting Im working on entitled “Office Worker”. My good friend and kitesurfer Jason McGrugan kindly posed for this painting after I asked him if he would be willing to work with me regarding an idea I had for a painting. He seemed perfect for it. This image shows less than a third of the whole canvas which is originally sized at 75cm x 120cm.

A close up of the ear in my painting,”Office worker”. Still refining details after the initial block in so a long way to go especially this only being a small cross section of the painting. Again using the traditional zorn palette consisting of only 4 colours to get to this point of completion.

Cross section of painting, “Office worker” showing my good friend Jason McGrugan. Hopefully getting a better likeness of him as we progress. Still working on the lower torso section of the body .Painting is 75x120cm


Photo showing work in progress and scale of painting . Was hoping to get this finished in time for an upcoming annual show. Painting is OIL ON LINEN 75x120CM

“OFFICE WORKER”, completed. I will still work into sections of the painting before the Royal Ulster Academy submissions are due on the 15th june 2016. Painting is OIL ON LINEN 75x120CM

Some photographs and video of the opening night at the RUA – Royal Ulster Academy exhibition at the Ulster museum in Belfast, Northern Ireland October 2016.

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