Caligulas Horse Album cover commission

Caligulas Horse Album cover commission by Connor Maguire

I was contacted by Australian Rock band members of Caligulas Horse , Sam Vallen, Dave Couper and Jim Grey asking if I would be interested in taking on a commission designing and painting their album cover. I remember being really busy finishing other commissions and was also preparing for a solo exhibition at the time so wasnt really sure if I could take it on being able to follow through with the commitment. 


Sticking to tight deadlines and timelines I accepted the commission and so happy I did. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with such talented, passionate and dedicated musicians.


They forwarded me on the details of their album in regards of the story content followed by the lyrics. Listening to what the guys said I came up with a few ideas and we conversed through email discussing what works best eventually coming up with the finished design.  

Here are some of the sketches below which were forwarded back and forth showing the stages and progression of each sketch. I based my design and painting on a local landscape which happens to be one of my favourite locations where I visit regularly. 


The story and lyrics behind the album itself seemed best portrayed in the form of a landscape so Tyrella beach which is located in County Down came to mind instantly. It seemed perfect as a source of inspiration.

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