Royal Hibernian Academy 2019 Exhibition

Royal Hibernian Academy 2019 Annual Exhibition

“Man in a hat” RHA selected painting

My submission for the Royal Hibernian Academy this year is “Man in a hat”, which is a painting completed in oils on canvas sized at 50cm x 50cm. It’s a self portrait painted in side profile which is one of my favourites in regards of painting a portrait of someone. Last year being 2018 I was fortunate enough to be able to exhibit in the National Gallery of Ireland where I was shortlisted for the Zurich Portrait prize which has a winning prize of £20000 Euros. This consisted of a 25 person exhibition where I was shortlisted being one of the successful Irish artists from entries throughout Ireland so its a great feeling to be included in such a high profile show such as the Royal Hibernian Academy.

The painting was completed in oils on canvas and stretches 50cm x 50cm. When you have no one else as a study, then use yourself as the basis of a painting. I don’t do many self portraits but I think I caught a likeness in this one. Its always interesting to see the progress that each new piece brings and looking at previous completed paintings how your skills develop in regards of mixing paint and technical ability. I try to keep my palette to a minimum and used 6 colours only throughout this piece using the zorn pallete as the basis of my paintings.

I find working on self portraits a bit tougher as in my minds eye I always thought I looked like Brad Pitt or Patrick Swayze:) I have been informed that I look absolutely nothing like that at all so in regards of how you perceive yourself and when drawing or studying a subject its important to always remember to draw what you see and not paint or draw what you want to see or think looks better in order to get a true likeness or resemblance. This applies to whether this be a portrait/Still life or landscape.

Its a huge honour to be chosen for this exhibition getting a second opportunity to exhibit amongst artists who I look up to and admire like Conor Walton, Blaise smith, Fergus Ryan, Comghall Casey and many many more so its a surreal feeling to be hanging on the same wall as these Irish Artists. For more information on the Royal Hibernian Academy 189th Annual exhibition please check out their website

The exhibtion is free entry and opens from the 20th May at the Royal Hibernian Academy , Ely Place, Dublin, Ireland.

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