Artefacts of a Pandemic Paintings

Artefacts of a Pandemic

From the 2nd MARCH – 2nd APRIL 2022 the ArtisAnn Gallery will be displaying an exhibition of my work which are all oil paintings completed on linen . The ArtisAnn Gallery displays and exhibits high quality contemporary artwork by award-winning painters and sculptors, many of whom are members of the Royal Ulster Academy (RUA), some exciting new works by emerging young artists, straight out of Art College, and some artists on the cusp of making it big! 


Selected with homes and businesses in mind, you’re sure to find something to fall in love with among our wide selection of contemporary artworks. They can even arrange private gallery viewings and home visits to help you find that perfect piece of artwork that makes a house a home! ArtisAnn – Art that works for you! ArtisAnn is a member of the ‘Own Art’ scheme.


In this exhibition, I have chosen to produce a number of paintings that focus on those things we tend to take for granted.  The significance they gained during the lockdown period reflect our behaviour during, and our reaction to, the pandemic, with some objects achieving more notoriety than others.  Hand sanitizer suddenly became an object of desire and, as panic buying set in, stocks of these products vanished from the shelves. 


Working from home became a major lifestyle change, leading to increased sales in technology and software; items such as bleach and other cleaning products all increased exponentially in sales, showing our concern for keeping clean and safe; consumption of alcohol rose, while the good old ‘wee cup of tea’ helped many others through the worst of times. 


All these items were lovingly reproduced while the artist was in lockdown. Connor has won many visual art awards over the years including being shortlisted twice as Artist of the Year in association with Artists and Illustrators magazine.


You can download the catalogue here by clicking on this link.

You can view the exhibition directly on the ArtisAnn Gallery by clicking on this link.


Here is also a video showing the exhibition on display at the ArtisAnn Gallery in Belfast. Hope you enjoy it:)

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