Royal Ulster Academy Exhibition 2020

Royal Ulster Academy 2020 Exhibition

Very fortunate to get my painting “Kidz” into this years 139th Royal Ulster Academy annual exhibition which opened on 16th October 2020. As fortunate and honoured to get my piece into this prestigious exhibition it just so happens that a world pandemic, “Covid 19” has taken hold of the world which has an extra surreal feel to it in regards of anyone exhibiting this year in the Ulster Museum in Belfast, Northern Ireland, so I’m sure will be a very memorable year for all of us whether exhibiting or not. An unusual year to enter any exhibition this year with 2020 being the year which will be recognised throughout history as the year of the Covid 19 Virus Pandemic.


Here is a link to VR-Virtual tour of the Royal Ulster Exhibition in the Ulster Museum in Belfast which was created by RUA photographer Paul Marshall

My painting entitled “Kidz” is painted in oils on canvas. It is pretty much inspired by the global pandemic. With lockdowns and schools closed there isnt much choice for the kids staying at home and school learning. I have noticed with my own experience it isnt long before discipline slowly dissipates. The imagination takes over and between forming new ways for getting creative there is more time spent online more than ever especially with computer games as the main form of entertainment. 
I used my own son as the focus of this painting. My younger son in his school uniform playing games where he normally would have been in school. In this painting he is getting caught up in different role plays and letting his imagination take over. This seems to be the same trait with all kids on a national and international scale behaving this way. The title also plays a small role in the painting with the improper spelling of “Kids” being respelt as “Kidz”.I guess this is an attempt of my way of trying to be cool or relate to them on their level of thinking. Something most of us parents fail on in an amusing way.
My first piece selected for in the RUA exhibition was in 2013 where my woodcut print entitled “Belfast Life” was selected to go on display followed by my oil painting entitled “Office Worker” which was on show in 2016.Once again I was very grateful to the Academy and lucky to get two of my paintings, “Barry” and “Lady with a secret” exhibited once more in the same show in 2017.

Alongside my limited edition signed prints of both “Sail Away” & “Portrait of a modern Family” I will be making this painting available also in the form of a Giclee print on fine art paper so please get in touch with any interest or query.

You can have a look at some current prints of work which has been exhibited in the past in this link.

“Kidz” now resides in the collection of the NICS – Northern Ireland Civil service Arts Collection at the Stormont. 

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