Connor Maguire and Noelle McAlinden at the Royal Ulster Academy 2023 in the Ulster Museum belfast

Royal Ulster Academy 2023

Royal Ulster Academy Annual Art Exhibition 2023

Royal Ulster Academy Annual Exhibition 2023

My painting entitled, “Time for Anarchy” was accepted into the Royal Ulster Academy Annual Arts Exhibition 2023. The exhibition took place in the Ulster Museum, Belfast in October 2023 and continued until January 2024. 


The RUA Annual Exhibition is one of the most eagerly anticipated exhibitions in the Northern Irish cultural calendar, providing a unique platform for acclaimed artists and emerging talent to showcase their artwork in the fabulous galleries at the Ulster Museum.

My painting entitled ” Time for Anarchy” was inspired from events which have been hitting the headlines both locally and globally. In recent times we have seen obstacles of a chaotic scale which have been occurring over and over affecting us financially, physically and mentally.

Covid was an international disaster. The mortgage crisis. The cost of living crisis. War in Ukraine. Fuel and food prices hit extreme levels.

Time for Anarchy painting progress

So the the title “Time for Anarchy”, is a painting about standing up and rebelling. Fighting back somehow against the chaos which has been caused by higher authorities. Whether its those in power or something that has been grinding you down.


Circus performance artist Sideshow Ramone (George Carling) who performs nationwide with his Sincity Roadshow seemed to be the perfect person to represent this theme/idea for the painting and what it stood for.


Georgie has all the looks and character I needed to represent what I was trying to project in this painting. I dont think anyone else would have made this work so thanks Georgie.


If you are interested in Limited edition prints, they are available to purchase in the shop by clicking this link.


NVTV Interview coming soon presented by Noelle McAlinden

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